Family Programs

Family Programs

For More Information about these services contact the center @ 334-361-4703

The Parent Project

A six week course designed to give parents the skills necessary to parent strong-willed or acting out teens.  This class empowers parents to take back control of their homes and addresses behaviors in teenagers such as:  bad attitudes, poor school performance, gang involvement and drug and alcohol use.


This program is designed to help teens manage their behavior in a socially acceptable manner as well as teaches responsibility, life planning, effective communication and cause and effect of their behavior.

JOBS - Employment Preparation Program

A new program in collaboration with DHR. This program is offered to DHR TANF clients as well as other clients that may qualify to assist with job training, work ethics and life skills. Resume writing, interviewing, dress-for-success as well as GED classes and computer classes will be covered in the four (4) week class session. The goal of the program is to educate these individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to obtain employment and become self-sufficient.

Parenting Classes

A six-week course developed to educate parents on the importance of healthy parent/child relationships.  This class teaches and  equips parents with the necessary skills to prevent and or address problematic behavior in their children

Bright Beginnings

A program designed to help teen moms and young parents prepare for the birth and after-care of their baby.  This is a six session home visitation program where an instructor works individually with the parent throughout the first year of their baby’s life.

Fatherhood Program

This new class is for non-custodial fathers to help them become more involved in their children's lives. The program assists dads with job training and placement as well as preparing them for the GED Test if needed. The 24/7 Dad Curriculum is taught by Pete Herman each Thursday night at 6:00PM

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